Bob McCord
CMS Website Design

Why Wordpress?

With the advent of mobile technology and web design there is no excuse to be without a website for your business.  It is crucial to reach out to your customers and clients.  Virtually every person over the age of 14 has a cell phone or tablet, so why not reach out to them with a mobile friendly website?  Web development has come along way since the early 1990’s, we now have enormous social and media networks that enable us to capture audiences all over the globe with a simple hand held device or laptop.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) website software that allows unlimited creativity and flexibility.  The user can change themes, colors, content and information with the click of a few mouse buttons.  Wordpress has thousands of fully responsive themes that are mobile ready and readable on all handheld devices and tablets.  Wordpress is a highly scalable and affordable website platform designed for everyone.

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