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bob mccord

Bob started working with computers back in 1990.  BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) were extremely popular back then and “state of the art”.  After several years learning these systems, Bob became extremely well versed in internet functionality.  Bob Began working in computer component sales in the early 90’s and eventually moved up to field desktop support for SCE&G in Columbia SC.  From there Bob moved to the 5th Circuit Solicitors office in Columbia SC working in the criminal records department.  After a short stent there, Bob moved to the State of South Carolina Prosecution Commission as the Information Technology Specialist in charge of the criminal juvenile justice database program.  After the State Bob got an offer to move to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to work with the South Financial Group as the North Coast PC Support Specialist.  Bob was in charge of support for 34 banks from Hilton Head SC to Jacksonville NC.  In 2011 Bob started a solo venture into his roots, website design.  He currently works on financial website projects as well as personal and business websites. Bob is also a published professional photographer.  Bob pays attention to detail and will make sure your website is EXACTLY like you want it or you do not pay for it! Let Bob design the perfect solution for your website needs.